BREAKING: Hunter x Hunter Gon And Killua Figures Sale Extended!

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BREAKING: Hunter x Hunter Gon And Killua Figures Sale Extended!


We are so overwhelmed with the massive response by the HxH fandom. Our site received a great amount of traffic when we first posted about the sale and to show our appreciation, we extended the huge price cut for another 10 days!


You can still buy the Hunter x Hunter Forever Gon and Killua Action Figures for a good price of $45 each. This cost is 2x much lesser than the usual market price.


We got some new stock at hand and we decided to sell them for the same discounted price to please the Hunter x Hunter fandom. After 10 days, it will be listed at its regular price (TBA) but will remain competitive.

The first week of sale ended last March 28, 2018. As of March 29, we left the price as it is ready for its announcement.

The last day of sale would be on April 7, 2018.

Buy now senpai mart

We hope you already made a purchase by then! 

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