Ava Nice

Welcome to Ava Nice, the section for novelty items in the Senpai Mart.

Ava Nice /āvanīs/ is a pun for avarice /'avərəs/ as some of us may have mispronounced the word at some point. In fact, the wrong pronunciation still lingers in my head.

Avarice means extreme greed for materials and wealth. But right now, we spun the word and turned it into something positive — AVA NICE! 

After all, what's wrong with wanting something neat and amusing.
It's also a shorter term we derived for "everything nice".

If you're looking for cool and inexpensive gifts this Christmas, Ava Nice is the right place to spend your money! We got a lot of things for you including some very rare items.

REMINDER: Some of the novelty items here may run out of stock immediately. We may only have 1 stock for an extremely rare item. Subscribe to us to get the latest updates.

Enjoy some fresh ideas made by our creative friends. We provide complete information about each items. If you have any questions, please let us know.