The Ultimate Car Gadget

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Afraid of the worst case scenario getting the best out of you?

Looking for a tool that could possibly save the day when shit hits the fan?


This Ultimate Car Gadget Is The A-Z Of Safety And Preparedness

Complete with tools to keep your car and your own safety at check, The Ultimate Car Gadget is a must-have. If you will travel alone to a faraway place, you better have this in your pocket or anywhere you'll be able to access it when SHTF. It's also a perfect gift to your loved ones.

This item works as:

Tough Glass Hammer - If you get stuck inside your car or you lost your key and you needed to get into the car quickly.

Flashlight - Find those missing 10mm, keys or anything you dropped in dark places.

Tire Pressure Gauge Meter Tester - Keep those wheels tested before setting out for a long journey.

Blue Backlight - Allows you to see the numbers and indicators inside the gauge meter.

Screwdrivers (+)(-) - If some gears need a bit of fixing, these tools will come in handy.

Army Knife - Cut wires, strings, twigs and other objects. Also good for self-defense.

Bottle Opener - One of the much needed tools for travelers.

Seat Belt Cutter - When the seat belt buckle fails and you got stuck, use this tool to free yourself.


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