Anime Magic Circle Quick Wireless Charger

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Tired of your tangling and boring mobile phone charger?

Are you looking for a usable item that would inspire your otaku spirit and would jive with other pieces of your anime collection?


Summon The Energy That Will Revive Your Dead Phone Battery With The Anime Magic Circle Quick Wireless Charger!

Make it look like you're practicing alchemy or magic with the light emanating from this magic array wireless charging pad. Ditch your standard charger that does not reflect your personality.

Stick with anime related stuff or make this as the center of attraction in a room. So even if you're not a hardcore collector, this fantastic piece together with other anime units would make a strong statement which indicates your love for anime.

Magic circle wireless charger for otaku


The magic light turns on upon detecting the mobile phone. After 6 seconds, it will enter the charging mode. 



It can also detect whether you placed a real phone or not. No loss of charge, electricity consumption kept at minimum.

electricity saving wireless charger gift for anime lovers


Why Do You Need This Amazing Magic Array Circle Wireless Charger?

 There are plenty of reasons why you'd want and need this:

  • It makes a stylish pad for your phone. Add a magical or anime feel into the room.
  • A fast-charging device compatible with all phones with wireless charging capability.
  • Comes with beautiful colors - Blue, Brown or Pink. Perfect gift for the anime fandom.
  • As safe or much safer that your current charging device. Lessens the wires and tangles.
  • Easy to store and makes a perfect anime decor. Great for an otaku desk!


List of Compatible Phones:


  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone Max
  • iPhone Max XR
  • and other iPhone models with wireless charging capability


  • Xiaomi MIX2S
  • other Xiaomi devices with wireless charging capability


  • HTCDroidDNA(US Edition)
  • HTC8X(US Edition)
  • other wireless charging HTC phones


  • Samsung s6
  • Samsung s6 Edge
  • Samsung s7
  • Samsung s7 Edge
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung Note 6
  • Samsung Note 7
  • Samsung s8
  • Samsung s8+
  • Samsung Note 8
  • Samsung s9 
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Samsung S(Light and extravagant Edition)


  • NOKIA Lumia820
  • NOKIA Lumia830
  • NOKIA Lumia920
  • NOKIA Lumia925
  • NOKIA Lumia928
  • NOKIA Lumia929
  • NOKIA Lumia930
  • NOKIA Lumia1020
  • NOKIA Lumia1520
  • NOKIA 8Sirocco


  • LG V30SsThinQ
  • LG G2
  • LG G3
  • LG G6+
  • LGV30


  • Nexus4/5/6/7


  • Sony XperiaXZ2
  • XperiaZ4v


  • MotoDroidTurbo2
  • Huawei Mate 20 pro MateRS
  • YOTAPhone2
  • Other phones with wireless charging feature


The Package Includes:

  • Anime Magic Quick Wireless Charger (10 watts)
  • USB cable



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