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Do you cram on picking up the ringing phone on your dashboard while the red traffic light is on?

Afraid that the built-in operation navigation system in your car would cause more trouble than keeping you safe?

Not happy with an inconvenient short magnetic phone holder?

Looking for a locking phone holder that works in just one click?


The Coolest AutoLock™ Phone Holder Mount Is Here!

You don’t have to fumble on your pocket or bag or somewhere else in the car just to answer your phone. Also, don't feel so short with the very limited function a small magnetic car mount has to offer.

The AutoLock™ Phone Holder Mount rotates 360 degrees, is adjustable and has extendable arms. It lets you receive calls, listen to music, and watch videos from your smartphone while it is securely locked on the phone mount. 

Mount it on your dashboard or windshield! Its suction cup packs tremendous strength. As such, it can hold your phone and stay in place even when you go through some rugged, rocky roads.

Who could resist to try the high-tech feel of the auto-locking function? Just place your smartphone over this amazing phone holder and watch how the wings gently snap to hug the device tight!


Why Do You Need A Car Phone Holder Just Like The AutoLock™ Phone Holder Mount

Isn’t it very dangerous to hold the steering wheel while you are having a call? You need to hold your phone with one hand and divide your attention into two while maneuvering. So much for multi-tasking!

Not only that it is too fatal for you as it also endangers your passengers and other motorists. This phone holder minimizes the risk as it could:

  • Securely hold your phone while you are driving.
  • Automatically locks on most types of phone to keep it from falling
  • Flexible and could be placed on the windshield, window, and dashboard.
  • Adjustable mount that rotates 360 degrees for better viewing


One Accessory, Multiple Benefits

Reasons why the AutoLocker™ Phone Holder Mount is a smart investment

  • Safer driving. Reduced physical operation with the phone greatly lessens the risk of having an accident.
  • Hassle-free receiving phone calls
  • Clear phone audio resulting to better communication
  • Easy music and video access with just the tap of your fingers
  • No need to upgrade your car to get a Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Better viewing angle
  • Stable as a mountain
  • Automatically locking
  • Most car applicable
  • Suitable for 3.5 - 7 inch phones


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