Bandai Godzilla vs Destoroyah 1995 Vintage Figure Destoroyah Perfect Form

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Destoroyah has achieved its perfect form! Now, it can destroy anything and anybody. That's the awesome power of this formidable Godzilla kaiju opponent!

The perfect form boasts an enormous physique and fully-developed body parts. This final morph is thousands of times bigger than its crustacean phase and hundreds of times deadlier than the aggregate state. Destoroyah's colossal built, dreadful claws, massive wings, and fatal abilities will give anyone, including the powerful Godzilla, an impossible victory.

This 1995 vintage figure of Destoroyah has excellent details and an accurate built. The paint and sculpture are on point, making it one of the best vinyl releases in its era. The rare piece has been kept in good condition and would look great on display along with other Kaiju from various Tokusatsu franchises.

Stands approx 9 inches (23cm) with an incredible length of 11.8 inches (30cm). We got this item while scouring Japanese warehouses and recycle shops for some vintage goodies! Definitely an authentic piece from Bandai!

Get this BAD BOY and add it to your growing vintage toy figure collection!