Boku No Hero Academia Socks Midoriya Todoroki Bakugou Set

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My Hero Academia fans, your most awaited threesome is here!

We stole pairs of socks from Deku, Kacchan and Todoroki's drawer and posted them here so their die-hard fans can get a nice and long sniff! Buy them now because a lot of shippers are into this kind of stink! 

Only sold as a set. Friends can chip in so they can get it while available.


Material: Cotton blended

Height: 23-25 cm

Availability: EXTREMELY RARE

Includes: Three pairs of socks (MIdoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki)

Regularly priced for more than $50 + shipping fees. 

As a special offer, we dropped this month's price to USD $35 + FREE SHIPPING!!!

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