Bruce Lee Game Of Death Yellow Jumpsuit

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Inspired from the iconic Bruce Lee two-toned yellow jumpsuit he wore from Game of Death (1978) is now available at Senpai Mart!

Fans of Bruce Lee and karate movies might want to be in this jumpsuit at some point of their lives trying to be like their idol. Whenever you go for Wu Shu, Jeet Kune Do or other discipline training, check with your trainer if you can wear this for an added boost of energy!

With a wide range of sizes available (from 100cm to 180cm length), we can provide the right dimensions for both kids and adults. Please be advised that this is for medium to large built (Asian). If you are bigger than this, please let us know, and we'll have it customized to your height and shape.

Please refer to the guide below:

  • 100cm - suitable for the height of 95cm-105cm
  • 110cm -106cm-115cm  
  • 120cm - 116cm-125cm 
  • 130cm - 126cm-135cm
  • 140cm - 136cm-145cm 
  • 150cm - 146cm-155cm
  • 160cm - 156cm-165cm
  • 170cm - 166cm-175cm
  • 180cm - 176cm-185cm

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