Gold Elephant Chess Cufflinks In Sterling Silver 18K

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Geeks and Kings who conquer the world shouldn't settle for boring buttons to fasten their loose cuffs.

These Elephant Chess Piece Cufflinks With Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Hardware give you a noble look from top to bottom, neckline to cuffs. Don't leave the end of your sleeves dull and unattended, as that may give off a bad impression.

The article offers imagery of a pair of 18K gold African Elephants with diamond eyes. It is a good symbolism of wealth, strength, and wisdom -- an insignia every victor should own.

The item also bears .925 sterling silver that makes most of the hardware's remainder, making a chess piece statue. Showcasing gemstones on both figures, the entire ensemble is an absolute stunner that defines your caliber and taste.

Ingrain your wholesome prestige to the minds of your business partners and personal acquaintances with this exceptionally handcrafted jewelry for only USD 980!

This handcrafted item is made-to-order in the US. It takes roughly one week in production. Ships worldwide in 5-10 days.