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Do you find it hard to thaw your car after a great snow storm?

Were you so careful on removing snow or ice so that you won't break the windshield like you did in the past years?

Do you want to find out a way to stop wasting time removing heavy snow or ice from your car?


Protect Your Car From Winter Damage With The Ice Winter Shield Cover

Icy cold season can cause great damage to your car. Not only that it turns different parts made of rubber such as hoses and vital belts into a stiff and fragile component, but it also weakens the mirrors. This is why a lot of customers come in to get their windshield replaced after the harsh ice months have passed.

Using the Ice Winter Shield cover saves you time from thawing the windshield and money for replacement if the damage was so bad or you were not as careful as you should be. Why put in so much worries when you can prevent this all from happening?



Easy-To-Achieve Full Protection

Our Ice Winter Shield provides many benefits to the car owner:

  • No more manual cleaning after the hailstorm or winter season is over.
  • Protects your car from scratches brought by ice, rocks and other sharp, damaging objects.
  • Easy-to-install and can be detached without problems.
  • No need to manually clean thus saving you from frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Can also be used as protection to extreme sunlight.


 High Quality, Long-Lasting

The Ice Winter Shield cover is made of high-quality waterproof and anti-scratch polyester to serve you through many winters and even summers. It comes with 6 ultra magnetic edges which eliminate the need for fiddly straps.


Size : 208cm x 120cm / 81.89in x 47.24in

Colors: Black or Silver

Fit: Universal



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