Katsuki Bakugo Sexy Body Pillow Cover case

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Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia is your boyfriend tonight and for the rest of your life!

So you seriously would want to be with him? The explosive guy will show you his two sides: 

  • A lazy Bakugo who seem to not care. I bet you want to catch his attention
  • On the other hand, there's this guy suddenly showing that naughty grin while showing his abs.


But we're not asking you to choose, as you'll be embracing both his cool and hot personas. Carefully choose the size and quality of fabric that you want for your pillow.

Peach skin - This polyester peach skin has a soft, smooth hand and a fluid drape. It is lightweight and perfect for creating soft blouses, shirts, gathered skirts, etc.

2-way tricot - A smoothly textured knit which is run-resistant and a finer material. Tricots are often used for creating of swimwear, sportswear, lingerie and gloves.

Please be reminded that this is just a pillow case. You need to buy this Dakimakura body pillow if you don't have one yet, so you can use it.


Material: Peach Skin or Two Way Tricot

Available variants:

  • 150x50cm Peach skin
  • 150x50cm 2Way Tricot
  • 100x35cm Peach Skin
  • 100x35cm 2Way Tricot
  • 160x50cm Peach Skin
  • 160x50cm 2Way Tricot

Price starts at USD $35 + FREE SHIPPING!!!

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