LazyWatcher™ Neck Phone Holder

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Do you experience tingling or numbing of arms after a few minutes of watching your favorite Netflix series?

Are you tired of getting slapped by your device because you fell asleep on the couch while watching?

Hoping your device can just float in front of you so you can watch conveniently and hands-free?


All Our Lives We've Waited For The LazyWatcher™ Neck Phone Holder To Arrive!

Definitely one of the things we didn't think we need until it comes out of the market. The LazyWatcher™ Neck Phone Holder is one of the ultimate accessories for a person who prefers to watch, read, and entertain themselves with their smartphone.

As our energy can't keep up with our never-ending thirst for entertainment, our arms would need additional support to keep the phone in a good viewing angle.


Sturdy yet Comfortable and Lightweight Mobile Phone Accessory

Most of the Smartphones right now weigh more than before so when these gadgets are used for a long period of time, hands definitely get tired. If you are watching a movie which may take a few hours, your hands will definitely feel sore or numb. If you need to do something else but still want to be in front of your phone like if there is a video call, just put your phone on the lazy neck phone holder, sling the holder onto your neck, and continue whatever you are doing.

This DIY neck phone holder comes in:

  • Different colors like blue, black, pink, and purple and can match your outfit of the day
  • Only 8.7 x 6.5 x 3 inches in size and 8.6 ounces in weight
  • Can carry up to 7-inch phones
  • Can adjust angles because it can rotate 360 degrees while holding up your phone


Plenty Of Benefits For Different People

  • Great for people who are differently abled.
  • Assisting device for people who are recuperating from a previous operation or currently battling cancer or dialysis
  • Phone holder for people who always watch movies or videos for a long period of time through their Smartphones
  • Extra hand for people who do a lot of multi-tasking chores at home and at work.


Strong and Sturdy. Smart buy.

Whether you are running, walking, lying, cooking, or biking, this lazy neck phone holder is strong enough to hold your phone and keep it still even though you are in motion. That just sounds so awesome and amazing, don’t you think?



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