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Problematic about soiled remote, mouse, keyboard and other gadgets after eating oily and messy snacks while working or watching TV with the family?

Does your phone usually give you blurred images mainly because of a dirty camera?

Getting blurry shots because your camera lens is already covered with oil and dirt?



Clean your electronic gadgets without a fuss. Place this putty cleaning gel on your keyboards and be amazed how it gets all the dirt in between each letter and numbers!

The Magic Cleaning Putty Takes Away Buried Dirt From Your Devices!

No need to wet your gadgets with a liquid detergent that will only cause them to malfunction. The magic cleaning putty reaches deep areas of a device such as keyboard, remote control, mouse, car vents and more. It attracts dirt and takes it away


for a liquid detergent that could not clean hard to reach areas of a gadget, nor a cleaning cloth that does not conform to the intricate shapes of different types of gadgets.

This cleaning putty has a gel-like formula, which can fit in complex shapes of different gadgets.

Apply cleaning putty on your gadget and then peel. As easy as like that, you’re done with cleaning!

This cleaning putty cleans those hard to reach parts of:

  •        keyboards
  •        cellphones
  •        remote controls
  •        radios
  •        computers
  •        laptops
  •        speakers
  •        printers

Sticks to dust and dirt but not in your hands

Cleaning putty has a gel-like formula, which allows it to adjust into different shapes of different gadgets in order to easily pick and clean:

  • dirt
  • dust
  • debris
  • residue
  • food crumbs

While cleaning, it does not stick to your hands, so your hands remain clean and mess-free.

Clean and healthy environment

Aside from having gadgets to use, it is still best if these gadgets are hygienic and safe to use whenever you use them.  They are not just clean but are also free from bacteria and virus which may cause some illnesses.

Clean your gadgets regularly so they can perform better and last longer.




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