NulliScratch™ Anti-Scratch Waterproof Hydrophobic Coating

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Worrying that your car is vulnerable from the dirtiest of dirt or a lifelong stain mark?

Afraid to bring in coffee and other drinks because you might spill them over and horribly stain your car seats?

Have other valuable items in your house that need protection from scratches and water damage?


An Extra Layer Of Protection Over Your Car Paint!

 A thin layer of nano-technology protection is enough to shield your car from impairment that could cost you a lot of money. Apply the NulliScratch™ 9H Mr-FiX Anti-Scratch Waterproof Hydrophobic Coating for that added defense and convenience. 


One Coating, Lasts Up to 5 Years!

This extremely easy-to-apply anti-scratch formula will give 2-5 years of shielding. Just add this liquid to a piece of clothing and wipe on the surface of the equipment. Allow to dry for 48 hours before using to achieve the best results.


100% Safe To Use, Eco-Friendly

This bottle of nanotechnology-enhanced car coating does not contain chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment. The NulliScratch™ 9H Mr-FiX Anti-Scratch Waterproof Hydrophobic Coating is also colorless and won't damage the car paint even when exposed to heat or other chemicals.


How Much Coating Does Your Car Need To Be Protected?


How To Use Anti-Scratch Hydrophobic Coating On Your Car?



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