SlimTeam™ Men's Slimming Undershirt

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Didn't get the chance to go for a gym workout or a slimming diet?

Do you have a nearing occasion in your calendar but you're worrying too much about your belly fats?

Have a beautiful collection of clothes in your wardrobe but they don't fit good?

While you're trying to find a way to instantly banish your belly lumps, are you also searching for a way to correct your posture?


Go Slim And Feel Better With The SlimTeam™ Men's Slimming Undershirt!

Hide those beer bellies and look a few pounds lesser in your clothes. Moreover, the SlimTeam™ Men's Slimming Undershirt is another easy way to improve posture if worn every day.

While we still encourage physical activities for your overall health, this slimming vest is enough to quickly conceal those bouncy fats especially if you have an important party to attend to.

Its engineered Spandex structure supports the back while it hugs and shapes the body in a comfortable form. This result to a strong and straight stance, and results to better posture after weeks of regular use.



Have A Problem With Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)?

For many years, men with breast bigger than normal have been finding a way to banish the unusual lumps on their chest. Man boobs may cause low self-confidence on teenagers and the same goes with adult men. This condition is called Gynecomastia and its treatment was something not everyone could easily have access to.

Now with the SlimTeam™ Men's Slimming Undershirt, you can also shape your chest to get rid of those man boobs that you hate. No need for surgery, medication or extreme workout which usually leads to earning it back after months of laying off.


Maximum Comfort, Flexibility And Convenience

Specifically engineered with add-on ventilation so it can be worn even in the hottest summer so you won't get smelly and sweaty. You can freely move and do your everyday activities while wearing the SlimTeam™ Men's Slimming Undershirt.

Slimming undershirt for men

slim shirt for back pain gynecomastia man boobs

Material: Nylon and Spandex


        Chest       Relax/Stretch                   Length Relax/Stretch
US       S           27-62cm/10.6"-24.4"        58-145cm/22.8"-57.1"
US      M           34-76cm/13.3"-29.9"         58-145cm/22.8"-57.1"
US      L           40-82cm/15.7"-32.3"         58-145cm/22.8"-57.1"
US     XL          46-96cm/18.1"-37.8"          60-153cm/23.6"-60.2"
US    XXL        52-108cm/20.5"-42.5"         60-153cm/23.6"-60.2"

Please check the below size chart, to avoid returns. The chest is the most crucial part but feel free to decide on what you think is the best. 



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