TEKI 360 Work at Bed Device Holder

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Feeling lazy today?

Who says you need to get out of your bed to work and play. With the TEKI 360 Work at Bed Device Holder, lay your head back and do some light work. 

Do both of your arms feel numb while watching a movie in bed via a handheld device? Ever experienced being jolted awake because the phone dropped onto your face when you fell asleep? It doesn't happen anymore for people who use TEKI 360 Work at Bed Device Holder. 

At a serious note, being at the same position for more than five continuous hours is unhealthy. While we don't recommend lying all the time, it puts lesser pressure to your spinal area and lower back.

Maybe try working or browsing with your device securely held by TEKI 360 Work at Bed Device Holder while lying for an hour or two. For the next few hours, try to switch between standing and sitting. Also, sneak in a few minutes of exercise every morning or walk around after an hour of sitting.

Those with problems at their lower back should remind themselves that they need to change their position frequently. We recommend seeing a specialist for this. But we know that the TEKI 360 Work at Bed Device Holder will help ease the tension of the lower back and at the same time, indulges the owner who literally don't feel like getting out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning.


TEKI-On stands for Technology Enterprise and Kitchen InnovatiOn, the techie brand of the Senpai Mart talking about mobile phones, gaming tools, kitchen gadgets and more.



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