TEKI-On BBQ and Grill Marinade Syringe 100ml

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Inject your premium cuts with more love.

Marinating meat to a mixture is a great idea. However, the key to a great-tasting meat is to keep it soaked overnight. If not, you'll end up having a tasty outside but a dry inside. 

What if you got no time for this preparation? Or if the impulse of serving BBQ for dinner kicked in at the last minute? Don't waste resources by marinating the meat for a few moments. Grab a good syringe and inject the flavors to the core!

The TEKI-On BBQ and Grill Marinade Syringe boosts the flavor of your BBQ meat cuts. No need for longer hours of waiting. Just extend the cooking time for a bit and you're good. But we do acknowledge that one is an expert of his own BBQ or grills so have it your way!

With the TEKI-On BBQ and Grill Marinade Syringe you get:

  • a boosted meat flavor
  • retained moisture
  • lesser time to prepare
  • more time for other dishes


TEKI-On BBQ and Grill Marinade Syringe features:

  • High quality plastic syringe with stainless steel needle
  • Durable
  • Perfect for turkey, rib eye and other premium meat or cuts
  • With the spiral needle control, it's slip-free!
  • Can hold 100 ml of marinade sauce


Reminder: Always wash the syringe before and after using.

TEKI-On stands for Technology Enterprise and Kitchen InnovatiOn, the techie brand of the Senpai Mart talking about mobile phones, gaming tools, kitchen gadgets and more.



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