Teki On Romantic Diamond Ring Ice Tray

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For an elegant soiree, your guests will love these sparkling diamond rings in their glasses of wine.

The Teki On Romantic Diamond Ring Ice Tray adds flair to the table. There are a lot of wonders you can do with this amazing kitchen tool.


  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, easy to clean, safe to use.
  • Flexible silicone ice cube trays that can be used for chocolates, gelatins, and other food products that adopt forms.
  • Ice cubes will come out intact, no cracks and chips. Get them out of the tray in just a push.

Reminder: Please put it into a hot water for a while before using to remove the silicone smell.

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TEKI-On stands for Technology Enterprise and Kitchen InnovatiOn, the techie brand of the Senpai Mart talking about mobile phones, gaming tools, kitchen gadgets and more.



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