Marmit 1997 Super Excellent Series Erika Chinen Valuable Gear Ver. (Marmit) Virus Buster Serge

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Erika Chinen has a bubbly personality and happy go lucky demeanor conceal a much darker past than most would suspect. Born to relative poverty, she spent part of her childhood in the same gloomy, dilapidated neighborhood as Serge. Pehaps because of this common past, Erika has taken an immediate liking to puzzling new member. A capable fighter, Erika rarely carries a Gunblade - preferring instead to face her opponents with her bare hands. However, she is not without some clever resources of her own, such as the projectile tether concealed within her Variable Gear wrist.


Box dimension: 32x15.5x8

Scale: 10.53in

Condition: Good and sealed condition


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