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Earn 10% commission for every sale!

Earn Money As A Senpai Mart Affiliate!

How does it work?

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Earn Commission for Every Sale

How To Earn Money As An Affiliate

Some tips on how to make your first affiliate sale.

#1 - Product Search

Find an item that interests your audience or target market.

#5 - Blog About Us

Write about Senpai Mart, our products and all!

#2 - Generate Custom Links

Create a custom link via link generator in your dashboard.

#6 - Use Instagram

Add custom links to your Instagram profile.

#3 - Share to Facebook

Create an image or a video post with the custom link.

#7 - Use Pinterest

Post pins and make sure to embed your custom links.

#4 - Call To Action

Update FB call to action button for higher clicks & conversions.

Share, Share and Share!

Keep sharing contents and custom links to your audience.

Benefits of Becoming An Affiliate

Earn Money

This is another efficient way to make money out of your passion or interest. If you own a Facebook Page or a blog, take this opportunity to earn commissions while engaging your customers with high quality contents!

Grow with Us!

When we grow as a successful brand, earning money will be a lot easier. You will soon be introduced to other programs so you can get the most out of your social media profiles and blogs.

Let's work together! - Senpai Mart

Redeem Your Funds!

Some important things you need to know about Senpai Mart Affiliate Program payments.

Monthly Payment

Get paid every 30th of the month for as long as you meet the threshold balance of $50.

PayPal Payments

It's easy to create a PayPal account for as long as you have a credit or a debit card.

Threshold of at least $50

Senpai Mart affiliates will be eligible for payment with a wallet balance of at least $50.

A Growing Team

Senpai Mart's goal is to expand. When we grow, we grow with you.


Self-dealing is allowed with Senpai Mart. You can buy through your own custom affiliate link!

You'll Love To Be Here

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