BANDAI Kaiju Showa Gyaos Vintage Figure 1990

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In the Showa series, Gyaos was Gamera's second foe, and emerged from an underground cave to feed on humanity. Gamera battled the creature in several encounters, finally destroying it by pulling it into the crater of an active volcano. However, Gyaos was not the only creature of its kind, as multiple silver Space Gyaos were a frequent nuisance on the alien planet Terra in the film Gamera vs. Guiron. The Terrans' guardian monster Guiron fought and brutally killed one Space Gyaos by chopping it apart with its head blade. In Gamera Super Monster, Gyaos was one of the monsters controlled by the sinister crew of the pirate spaceship Zanon, which it used to menace humanity and try to defeat Gamera.


Maker: Bandai

Material: Vinyl

Scale: 19cm

Condition: With some paint flaws

- Item is exactly the same as picture shown


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