BANDAI Ultraman Kaiju Saramandora Vintage Figure 1989

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A tool of destruction used by the Alien Gorgon, Saramandora went on a rampage in Tokyo. Buildings crumbled into piles of debris as it assaulted everything in sight, and UGM's weapons were proving useless against the beast. Within the Silver Gull, Takeshi Yamato recklessly splits into two where Oyama was lured as a bait and Yamato took the opportunity to attack its throat, causing Saramandora to explode. Little did UGM know was that Saramandora was basically a bait that the Alien Gorgon operatives used to sneak into Japan undetected by slipping into one of its cells. The surviving cell was where the Gorgons emerged from and constantly carried around.


Maker: Bandai

Material: Vinyl

Scale: 15.5cm

Condition: With minimal paint flaws

- Item is exactly the same as picture shown


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