Intergalactic Spacecraft Model Building Kit

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Beyond the known "prehistoric times," there seems to be another unconfirmed story, another theory on how intelligent life began on earth. The perfectly-shaped pyramids, the faultless ancient stone carvings, and other unexplained discoveries of the time being are also attributed to Earth's earlier visitors.

Like what Marvel's Eternals film had shown, there was a hypothesis wherein beings with either superior technology or immense capabilities made contact with our ancestors. This turning point in our planet's timeline is said to have influenced the development of modern communities, technologies, beliefs, and evolution. While different suppositions are on the table, these aliens were able to reach Earth with the help of an enormous flying object -- the inspiration for this metal intergalactic spacecraft replica.

Apart from the fulfilling outcome, this model building kit promises up to 8 hours of enjoyment, especially for the avid fans of this hobby. 

Number of parts: 65 pcs

Model size: 18 x 18 x 23cm