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The unique allure of this Red and Gold Turtle Shell Bowl will enchant any setting with a hint of primitiveness and luxury. It's perfect for a median collector who invests in beautiful replicas rather than splurging in real fragments with stratospheric price tags.

This Red and Gold Turtle Shell Bowl sports profound textures and rich tones making it a centerpiece candidate. The shades give it a favorable edge to adapt to a contemporary arrangement amidst its archaic tendencies.

Hand-made to excellence, the radiating shell piece manifested through the spun glass technique and manual application of the patina paint. After the meticulous hand-crafting and gilding steps, the makers put their artwork under heat-curing and lacquer-sealing for better resistance and glow. It takes approximately three hours to finish a copy of this masterpiece, which explains the reasonable costs.

The art piece may serve as a coin plate, dessert bowl, a soap dish or a charcuterie alternative. Berries, cheese and other deli would look presentable in such a brilliant decorative!