TEKI Art Light Box Drawing Tablet

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TEKI Art Light Box Drawing Tablet

If you love tracing patterns, pictures, drawings or any illustrations, you'll love to have this item. It will amazingly lift up the quality of your work to the next level. This TEKI Art Light Box Drawing Tablet can also allow you to create many copies of existing artworks.

tracing light box

With its A4 LED Light Display Board, you can use this device for professional or personal purposes. Its ultra-thin and ultra lightweight structure allow you to bring the device anywhere you want to work. The package includes the lightbox itself and a USB cable for power connection.

This device can have many purposes depending on who will use it. Sewers and quilters use them to trace patterns and images into fabrics and quilts. Painters also use them in creating the base sketch before painting over. Animators also use them to create each frame of their animation without drawing everything again and again by the hand.

How to use it?

how do you use a tracing light box

1. Connect to the USB port and plug it into a power source.2. Turn on the device to light up.
3. Get an existing sketch, patterns, drawing or other illustrations.
4. Place a blank sheet of paper on top, you can adjust the light until it completely shows the pattern.
5. Lastly, trace.

This device mainly works for transferring illustrations from one paper to another
or producing copies of it. If you want to create multiple copies in one tracing, you can use carbon copy papers. If you're using a thick paper for copying, you may need to turn off any overhead lights and increase the light of the device. You can also download a digital drawing of body-Kun to trace, then sketch your OC.

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